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Mentee-Students List Welcome to Kandarpur College, Siddheswarpur, Cuttack,Odisha ,"EDUCATION IS NOT THE LEARING OF FACTS,BUT THE TRAINING OF THE MIND TO THINK "- ALBERT EINSTEIN

Kandarpur College, Siddheswarpur, Cuttack

Kandarpur College, Siddheswarpur, Cuttack , Odisha was established in the year 1978 in order to promote and propagate higher education in rural area. This is one of the pioneer and iconic educational institution in the district which aims at encouraging the poor and meritorious students of the locality who are deprived of getting higher education due to the lack of adequate financial strength and facilities as well. Being the rural-based institution, it is dedicated for the elevation of academic status of the students who are more particularly below the poverty line. In addition, this institution attempts to emancipate and empower the girls students by virtue of the academic awareness and achievement. On the auspicious day of 1st December 1978, this institution was established with a view to realizing its much-cherished goal of imparting career-centric as well as value-based education. The College caters to the academic and non-academic requirements of the students and conspicuously devoted to its aim of empowering women by virtue of the education process as more than 60% students are girls. Besides, the College holistically pursues towards the personality development of the students and make them prompt and proficient to compete with others through the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom.

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Principal's Desk

I am immensely glad to know that the college calender is going to be published for the session 2019-20. This calender is an authentic information booklet beneficial not only for the students of our college, but also for the parents and guardains who are associated with the texture of this esteemed institution. This booklet contains the history of the college, faculty position, admission process, course structure, fee structure, hostel rules and regulations, libarary rules, college discipline and different other activities like, N.S.S., U.G.C., Red Cross programmes etc. I am sure, this booklet would be of immense value in disseminating information to the aspiring students.

I am thankful to persons involved in bringing out this unique piece of creation. Finally, I wish success to all members of the staff and students from the innermost recesses of my heart.

Smt. Pranati Pattanaik
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