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There is accommodation for 50 girl students in the U.G.C. Women's Hostel. It is likely to be increased in future.

A. Allotment of seats (+3 Stream) 50 (likely to be increased) Rules Governing U.G.C.Women's Hostel:

For admission to the U.G.C. Women's Hostel application form duly filled in and signed by the candidate and by the father/ guardian. The old boarders are required to make an application afresh (application form to be available ^.Superintendent's office) to the Principal with Annual mark- sheet in the last week of May for consideration of their continuance in the hostel for the next academic session,

i) If seats remain vacant in a particular stream, they are to be filled up by students of other streams.

ii) The selection for admission to the U.G.C. Women's Hostel is to be made by the admission committee of different classes according to merit and good conduct, incase of 1st year classes.

iii) Admission to the hoste! will be strictly provisional and will be valid for one academic session only.

iv) Every year 4 selection board is constituted consisting of the Chairman of the admission committee and 2/3 senior members of the teaching staff (to be nominated by thePrincipal) along with the hostel Superintendent before which the old boarders will appear,

v) The selection of old boarders will be determined in accordance with their performance of the last Annual examination and good conduct.

vi) The selected candidates have to take their admission in the college first and then on production of the college receipt in the hoste! counter, they will be admitted in the hostel,

vii) The superintendent will aiiot a seat in the room and no claim of allotment of seat in any specific room will be entertained.

viii) The boarder has to fill up one undertaking form duly signed by her and by her father/guardian/ teacher to abide by the rules of the hostel during her stay.

ix) The father/guardian/teacher of the girl has to remain present at the time of her admission in the hostel.

x) The superintendent will maintain an admission register of the boarders stating their bio-data and antecedents during their stay in the hostel. The superintendent will inform the Principal, her parents, local guardian and the H.O.D. in case of the boarder's misconduct.

xi) Since the admission to the hostel is valid for one academic session, boarders are to vacate the hostel at the end of the academic session (by 31st May) with their belongings to enable the Superintendent for necessary Annual repairing. The Superintendent - will lock up all the rooms tiP fresh admission and end of seat aiiotment

xii) The Prirtcipal is the final authority in respect of admission of boarders in the; hostel and reserves the right of changing any rules as he/she deems fit.


i) A room in the hostel will accommodate 5 students, each of the boarders will be issued with a cot, a table and a chair.

ii) All the five boarders will enjoy 4 (four) ceilling fan Boarders should make good use of the furniture which is their individual responsibility.

iv) Any willful damage of the hostel furniture by a boarder will make her liable for heavy penalties and also for general breakage the boarders will be charged at the end of the academic session.

v) The superintendent i$ required to conduct an Annual check of the stock of the hostel furniture and other article and a report of the stock position has to be submitted to the Principal before closure of the College for summer vacation.

vi) The superintendent is to submit to the Principal a report on the repair work to be undertaken during Summer Vacation.

If seats remain vacant then it will be filled by students placed next to in the merit list.

1. No boarder of the women's hostel is allowed to leave the hostel after 5 P.M. But in exceptional cases the boarder is permitted to go outside with their parents or recognized guardian with the permission of the superintendent.

2. The boarder is permittedLto meet her parents or recognized guardians from 4 P.M to 6 P.M. This rule isp'e strictly adhered.

3. The boarders may leave hostel on holidays, and may go home obtaining the prior permission of the Superintendent. They have to submit an application which is duly signed by their parents or recognized guardians for temporary absence from the hostel.

4. The period of study is as follows, i) 6.30A.M. to 9.00 A.M. ii) 6.30 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. iii) Considering the growing demand of students, Principal reserves the right to increase the number of seats, if situation so warrants, iv) Those suffering from incurable/contagious/chronic diseases are not allowed to take admission in the hostel.


The boarders will be allowed limited use of mobile phones as per the instruction pf the superintendent.


Ragging of any kind in any form is strictly forbidden and is a criminal offence. Any sudent found involved in such activities is liable for severe punishment and expulsion from the institution.